twelve weeks

We went to the doctor yesterday. We got to see you’re whole itty-bitty body and listen to your heartbeat. You’re almost 2 inches long and look like a real baby now! Two arms, two legs, two hands, two feet. All your little fingers, your tummy, your brain. You’re face, nose, mouth. You were wiggling around so much, which the nurse said is all involuntary at this point, but still really neat to see.

Auntie Em thinks you’re going to be a boy. She’s dead set on it actually. She even bought you you’re first present, binkies, A&M ones of course! Nonie thinks you’ll be a girl. She’s counting down the weeks until we find out for sure. I really don’t have a gut feeling either way…just ready to find out! I’m getting more and more excited lately too! Yesterday’s appointment boosted that. I’m ready for you to grow bigger in my belly and feel you move around. I want to get started on your room, go shopping for baby things. I can tell I’m starting to get over the 1st trimester crud too. My energy’s up some (probably hence my chipper demeanor) and I don’t feel nauseous all the time, praise Jesus! Yep, we’re having a baby!

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