fifteen weeks — you’re a GIRL!!

To say I’m excited you’re a girl is a huge understatement! Given the strong male genes on the Fillman side, and my overwhelming desire for a girl, I thought you’d for sure be a boy. I never really wanted to admit to your daddy just how much I wanted a girl because I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment. To finally let it out…well, it came straight out my eyeballs. I immediately started bawling crying. Daddy was a little in shock… He says he had a little inclination you would be a girl, but I don’t think he really thought it could be true until the nurse said, “she’s a girl!” He’s worried about how he’ll handle a girl. How to deal with boys, protecting you from everything we know you’ll face when you get older. But I’m sure you’ll have him wrapped around your finger in no time and all this will be irrelevant.

That day was also our first appointment with Dr. Peakes. Btw, she’s AMAZING! It was two days before Christmas so we got to give Nonie and GG the best present! We filled a big box with pink balloons and wrapped it up for them to open Christmas day. Nonie is over the moon to finally have a girl in the family!

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