twenty six weeks

weird prego feeling #37

So, I had a little meltdown the other day… It all hit me that there’s still SO much to do before you arrive and our free weekends are running out. We have three friends getting married over the next month, showers for them, showers for you, are we going to take a babymoon?, when are we going to start on your room?, birthday parties, daddy’s out of town, daddy’s working, ahhhhhhhh! I know it’ll all get taken care of. But I had a little cry, Daddy hugged me tight, and it was all better. 

On a happy note, it’s rodeo season! Daddy got you the cutest stuffed lamb when we went last weekend! Btw, I’m kinda obsessed with lambs. It started with goats, which daddy thought was crazy, but lambs are so soft and furry! Anyhoo, I’m excited to go back this week and maybe get you an outfit for next year. Daddy’s determined to buy you boots, but we’re having a hard time finding really little ones. Nonie made you some slip on ones which are frikin adorable you can wear for now.

How far along? 26 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain: 15 lbs
Maternity clothes? not really, just some maternity shirts and belly band for the pants
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: been off/on lately but good for the most part
Best moment this week: discovering nonalcoholic champagne at HEB and having a red velvet pazookie from BJ’s. I swear I heard angels singing, for real this time.
Miss anything? being able to stay up when we go out on the weekends. I feel like such a fuddy duddy sometimes begging to go to bed by 11.
Movement: lots of stretches or rolls that put a lot of pressure on my belly. I wish I could determine what’s what in there 🙂 a foot? an elbow?
Food cravings: little tokyo. I could seriously eat at this place everyday…even when I wasn’t pregnant.
Anything making you queasy? nope
Gender: girl
Labor signs: the books say I should be experiencing braks & hicks contractions by now, but I don’t think I’ve felt them yet. Maybe that what these stretch/roll things are I think you’re making…
Symptoms: I get nosebleeds a lot lately. I hear this is normal, but it’s still strange. And annoying. I’m going to get a humidifier for our room and see if it helps.
Belly button in or out? still flat, and I have that line that goes down the middle of the belly. fantastic.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? other than my mini meltdown, happy!
Looking forward to: working on your room!

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