twenty eight weeks

Well, I’ve officially hit the third trimester. It’s seriously as if there was some timer that went off inside my body that said, “28 weeks?? Time to kick up the heartburn, increase the back pain, and not let her sleep at night.” The not being able to sleep part is getting annoying and making me more emotional.

I’m still stressing over everything we need to do. I’m sure this may have something to do with the not sleeping and being overly emotional issues. I know we’ll get it all done, but we’re having a diaper shower here in a couple weeks so I’m frantically trying to get the house in order and finish decorating before all these people come over…many of which have never been to our house before.

Daddy’s been working downstairs, hanging cabinets and getting the garage organized. I still need to figure out what to do about your crib, once daddy puts it together (cough, cough). Oh, and did I mention we have to move out into the travel trailer for a week and a half while construction goes on in the bedrooms — all three of them? Which also means, I have to decide where can-lighting is going in all three rooms and paint colors for each. The shower is two days after they’re scheduled to finish. Please, dear Lord, let them finish on time…or early! 

We did have some over the weekend — our friend Cody got married! She’s pregnant too, with Corbin. I hope you two will have many play dates together! She looked SO pretty with her little bump 🙂 I actually felt pretty too for being 7 months prego. Nonie made my dress, which turned out perfect! I hope I get to wear it again. I got a spray tan so my pasty legs wouldn’t blind anyone and am super happy with the color. They put these fun sunglasses on the tables at the reception, no naturally, our group got all into it and even wore them out to a bar after the wedding. We, of course, had to get you in on the sunglass action too. I may or may not have had two pieces of cake.

The weekend before I went to my friend Julie’s wedding shower. It had a whole Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme (I’ll explain Audrey Hepburn soon) so we all wore little black dresses and fancy jewelry. I may or may not have had a cupcake…and cookie.

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