thirty weeks – Happy Easter!

So… the trailer has a leak and we’re staying at the neighbors now. Thank goodness for amazing neighbors otherwise, we’d be homeless. 

I’m sleeping better. I think a lot of my restlessness was stemming from the stress of moving the house and worrying about it all getting done. Now that everything’s moved and the work had begun, there’s not much I can do. Now, I’m sure once they finish and I have to get the house back in order it may be a different story. They’re supposed to be finished on Thursday or Friday though, YAY!!

We took prego pics on Sunday which I’m super excited to see. I’m sure they’ll be fabulous. My friend Laurel did them, and she always take amazing pictures 🙂 Sunday was also Easter so I spent the day at Poppa and GiGi’s. Aunt KiKi had confetti eggs which were a big hit. …not so fun fishing out of Aubree’s diaper afterwards, but we had some great laughs!

How far along? 30 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain: 17lbs
Maternity clothes? not really… other than some prego jeans and whatever’s most comfy
Stretch marks? none – and still slathering on lotions and tummy butter all the time
Sleep: getting better!
Best moment this week: taking our prego pictures 🙂
Miss anything? being able to just go have a drink with auntie em
Movement: all the time! hiccups and wiggles and rolls, oh my!
Food cravings: everything bad…I may or may not have eaten a whole bag of gummy bears by myself…on more than one occasion.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really…sometimes I get weird whiffs of unsettling things, but it’s over real quick
Gender: girl
Labor Signs: none
Symptoms: heartburn is still frequent and bad…boo. I rock the prego waddle sometimes when my hip/lower back pain is rearing it’s ugly head. My ankles have started swelling when I’m on my feet for a long time…double boo.
Belly Button in or out? still flat, but it’s starting to look like it’ll pop out at any moment
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: auntie em may disagree with me, but I think I’m pretty happy most of the time! I get moody when I’m tired and hungry (typically at night). 
Looking forward to: the showers coming up and putting together your room

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