thirty four weeks

We saw the specialist yesterday and she actually didn’t detect any arrhythmia – yay! She said that doesn’t mean there isn’t one, just that it may come and go. She also said something about some resistance in the placenta, which I’m thoroughly confused about and not sure what it means exactly. You’re still measuring small, not alarmingly small, just on the smaller side of average. But she wasn’t too concerned with anything she found either so I’m not worried. I have to see her again in two weeks just to follow up and check again. 

So for now, I have to rest and stay away from anything that could trigger the arrhythmia. Which means all caffeine — no coffee (which I’m not really drinking anyway), no sodas and no chocolate. No chocolate? I’ve also been really stuffy the past few days and now there’s nothing I can take for it. Nasal spray apparently has some sort of stimulant in it too. Boo. Good thing you only have 6 more weeks of baking to do!

I’m miss daddy terribly. It’s hard to see pictures on Facebook and hear daddy talk about the great time they’re having and not get upset. I know I’m just acting like a baby, and I’m totally pulling the prego hormones card, but I had a little crying session this morning. I think if I had things to do this weekend to keep me busy, I wouldn’t think about it so much. But, he’ll be home tomorrow, and it can’t come soon enough.

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