thirty six weeks

So much has happened over the past two weeks. We had the whole family over to our house for Mother’s Day. Everyone picked up the traditional (KFC) and we hung out under the house. We even floated in front of the house for a while. Daddy got me a really cute and sweet card from you, you “signed” it and everything 🙂 He also got me an awesome camera to take really great pictures of you with. I’m very much looking forward to learning how to use it!

never mind cody’s scary stache…

We also had another appointment with Dr. Peakes on Tuesday and she didn’t detect any arrhythmia. Now that I’m 36 weeks, she went over what to expect over the next few weeks, signs to look for, when to call her, etc. I think it really sunk in for both daddy and I that we don’t have much time left before you arrive. Over the next couple of days, we organized some of your room and daddy put together your crib and stroller. Then on Friday we had the follow up appointment with the specialist, Dr. Adam. She didn’t detect any arrhythmia either, but she was concerned with your size.

Apparently the whole resistance in the placenta thing she was worried about two weeks ago means that the placenta is aging faster than it’s supposed to and not sending all the nutrients to your little body it should. Your measuring in the 16th percentile for baby size at 36 weeks and two weeks ago you were in the 30th for 34 weeks. More specifically, your belly is really small, like in the 6th percentile. Since you’re not getting all the nutrients, you’re body is sending what it gets to your vital organs so your heart, brain, kidneys, liver, etc. are all developing fine. You’re basically just not getting fat.

Dr. Adam said you’re totally fine right now, but if we leave you in for too much longer, there could be long term effects… It’s possible you could have developmental issues or your body could get use to trying to over produce fat and sugar and give you problems when you’re older. But these are only possibilities and if Dr. Adam thought you were in immediate danger she would have sent us to the hospital that day.

She did say that because of all this my blood pressure is a little high and my body is retaining water (hence my constantly swollen feet). Apparently this goes hand in hand with the placenta issue and could lead to some sort of hypertension disease which is no bueno for either of us. I’ve been told to completely chill this weekend to keep my blood pressure down, and to call the doctor if I start getting headaches (a sign of high blood pressure), if the swelling in my kankles doesn’t go down or gets worse or if I don’t feel you move as much. She’s recommending to Dr. Peakes, depending on what she sees at our appointment on Tuesday, that we go ahead and deliver next week, or by 38 – 38 1/2 weeks, which will be the week after memorial weekend.

To be honest, daddy’s really upset by the whole situation. So much so that it’s making me worry. He’s afraid that leaving you in my belly will only be worse for you than taking you out were we can feed you all the necessary nutrients now. He has a valid point, but we know the doctors have your best interest in mind. Taking you out before 37 weeks can be a fine line and we want to get you as close to full term as possible, if not longer. He doesn’t know how to take “completely chilling” from the doctor and has translated it to almost like bed rest. He is really concerned about my blood pressure and gets upset when I’m not on the couch with my feet up. It just frustrates me to sit and do nothing knowing there so much to do, especially if there’s a possibility you could come in a few days…as quasi-awesome as that sounds.

So, Nonie and GiGi came over yesterday and helped me wash everything and get your dresser put together so we could put things away. They were such a huge help, I honestly wouldn’t have gotten this all done with out them. I even sat on the couch the whole pretty much the whole day with my feet up. Now, I just need to pack a bag for the hospital in case we go this week. 

I really hope you can stay in my belly for another week or so. I know there’s nothing I can do about the placenta not working right, but I’m doing my best to stay off my feet to help keep my blood pressure down. I’ve always wondered how labor might go, how it would start. Would my water break first? Would I have contractions first? Now it looks like they’ll have to induce and all this happen at the hospital. Too bad we won’t have some crazy story like my water broke in the middle of a store, or in the middle of the night and daddy had to rush through all the red lights, flashers on to get me to the hospital kinda story. I know it’s something he’s always wanted to do 🙂 Guess we’ll have to see how the next few days go!

In other news, today is daddy’s 31st birthday. All he wanted to do is take the boat to clear lake so he and the neighbors and uncle les took the boat while I drove down there to meet them for lunch. We had such a great time and it was nice to get out of the house for a while. My feet didn’t even swell that much and you’ve been moving like crazy 🙂 Daddy’s been so supportive through this whole ordeal. It was great to see him do something he really enjoyed today.

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