thirty eight weeks

we saw dr. peakes again tuesday and they hooked me back up to the monitor. you’re heart looks great so we’re still a “go” for inducing next week. i can’t believe you’ll be here in a few days. i think a lot about how it’s going to go in the hospital. what you’ll look like. what it’ll be like when we get you home. i’m honestly gonna miss you being in my belly. i mean, there’s a little human in there. i could sit and stare at my belly for hours just to watch you move around. being pregnant is probably the neatest thing i’ve ever experienced and i’ve loved every bit of it.

i feel pretty prepared for your arrival, but everyone keeps saying how different and difficult it’ll be adjusting to having a baby and lack of sleep. everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the quiet and time to myself while i’m home now. i think if i have to hear that one more time i may scream. i know everyone means well, but i’m getting so antsy already being at home all day, it’s really the last thing i want to hear. i want to believe this is the worst it’ll be and i’ll be so overjoyed when you arrive that the sleep deprivation won’t even be a factor. i’m sure that’s crazy talk, but a girl can dream!

daddy and uncle ric were talking about you coming last weekend. he said he’s really looking forward to the birth and excited to see what you’ll look like. he’s even not afraid of the sleepless nights, which doesn’t surprise me. it’s crazy to think we’re having a baby. WE are having a baby. who’d have thought 7 years ago we’d be married, much less having a baby. i love your daddy so much. to think we made you out of that love is just incredible. i’m really blessed to have him.

my crafty side is coming out this week. guess that’s what being stuck in the house with nothing to do does to a gal. i made a bow holder for the gazillion bows you have and tomorrow gigi’s bringing me a sewing machine so i can tackle curtains for your room. i’m going to attempt these ruffle curtains i saw online. eek!

How far along? 38 weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain: 28lbs 
Maternity clothes? just comfy shorts and tanks this week
Stretch marks? none! just that line down the middle of my belly
Sleep: I’m having the weirdest dreams and sweating like crazy. still tossing most of the night
Best moment this week: daddy take such great care of me
Miss anything? sleeping thru thru the night
Movement: still lots! you’ve started this thing where your kicks go straight thru my bladder and down thru my groin. ouch!
Food cravings: ice cream 🙂 i think i’m gonna make daddy take me to tutti frutti tonight
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: girl
Labor Signs: more bracks & hicks
Symptoms: the crazy polyp in my nose is back (for the third time) and some heartburn
Belly Button in or out? flat
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, excited, anxious and nervous
Looking forward to: soaking in the last few days you’re in my belly

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