Elliet Christine Fillman born at 5:46pm on Tuesday, June 5th. 5lbs 4oz and 17.5 inches of complete perfection. It’s amazing something so perfect just came out of my body. you have a little bit of hair and everyone says you look just like your cousin hayden when he was born. I can’t tell who you look like just yet.

your full birth story? here goes…
we went into the hospital monday night to start on meds. gigi, nonie and auntie em met us there and stayed the whole night. whoa I looked rough.

the next morning at 8am, dr peakes broke my water and started the pitocin (meds to make the contractions stronger and speed up labor). my contractions got very strong so I asked for something to take the edge off the pain. bad idea. it made me very nauseous — I actually threw up twice — and very loopy so I quickly opted for the epidural when that madness was set to ware off. I wanted so badly to go as long as I could without it, but I’m so glad I decided to get it. I was able to focus on the feelings rather than the pain. 

by 4:30 I had only made it to 4-5 centimeters. one of the nurses said you typically dilate about 1cm/hr so we thought we were in for a long night. our nurse krystie (who I cannot say enough great things about. she’s totally someone I’d want to be friends with) tried an old midwife’s trick on me called the runners position. I laid on my side with legs crossed propped up with pillows. 20 minutes later, I was feeling serious pressure down there to push. krystie checked me again and sure enough, we’d successfully made it to 10 centimeters. looks like those midwives really know what they’re talking about! we tried one practice push and daddy could already see your head. by this time, dr peakes had come in and within 10 minutes, our room had totally transformed into a delivery room. daddy helped hold my head as I pushed and three contractions later, you were out! 

your birth was the most incredible and wonderful experience I could have ever imagined.  it’s something I will never forget and I’m thankful we photos of those first few moments.

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