one week

so we’ve had you home for about a week and a half now. it’s been an adjustment, especially with the random sleeping and difficulties feeding you, but daddy and I love to just stare at you and all the funny faces you make. it’s strange to watch you have the hiccups knowing just a few days ago you had them in my belly. you have a little jaundice, but we’re supplementing feedings with a little formula to help you get it out faster. by get it out I mean poop more 🙂

it was great having daddy home so much. he won’t let me do much other than take care of you. he plans our meals, grocery shops, does laundry and even gets up with me at night to feed you. he says although he can’t physically feed you, he doesn’t want me to feel like I’m doing this by myself. he’s the best and I think I fell in love with him just a little bit more. he’s been back at work for a few days now and I had a little melt down. a little bit because he’s gone, a little bit because I’ve been in this house for three days and can’t take you anywhere. we’re having the whole family over for father’s day so I’m very much looking forward to the company.

I honestly never thought breast feeding would be so difficult. we had the hardest time getting you to grasp latching on and it’s incredibly painful. we spent hours with the lactation consultant in the hospital only to make me feel like I need a third limb in order to feed you. I can see why so many women give up and formula feed from the beginning. but each day it gets a little easier and I’m not about to give up yet. makes me sincerely appreciate when daddy wakes up with me, or at least rolls over and puts his hand on me so I know he’s with me.

here’s my attempt at taking pictures of you… we’re having newborn pics made next week so professional ones coming soon!

this one was just too frikin’ cute 🙂

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