two weeks old

I can’t believe you’re two weeks old already. well, two and a half now. I can already see changes in your little face and it feels bittersweet. you wake up about every three hours to eat and you do not like to be messed with to change your diaper or clothes. especially when you’re hungry at night, but I guess that wouldn’t make me too happy either. 

you must be the gassiest child I’ve ever met. no lie. you even pass more gas than your daddy. I guess I should be thankful you’re letting it all out rather than keeping it in and getting all colic and cranky. you like a pacifier a little after you eat, just to go to sleep.

your little sneezes and cry are so sweet. I hate to admit sometimes I’ll watch you cry, only for a few seconds, just to take in your expressions. after I feed you in the morning, I’ll keep you in bed with me and we’ll take a little snooze together. or I’ll take an hour or two just to stare at you. I know you can’t really focus just yet, but I love it when you stare right back at me. 

you lost your umbilical cord yesterday! I was so excited for you but it made me a little sad at the same time. I know it’s such a minimal milestone, but it made me think about how much you’re already changing.

kiki and aubree moved back to california today. they want to get their home setup for when uncle michael gets home from afghanistan in august. so you and I met them at grampa joe’s last night to spend time together and say goodbye. I know they’ll be back soon, but it was so hard and sad to say goodbye to them. I cried the whole drive home.

we took you to carson’s birthday party today too. you slept the whole time and still took a little snooze with daddy on the couch when we got home. seeing you and daddy together will never get old 🙂

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