seven weeks old

it’s been so long since I wrote anything and so much has happened. people say ‘they grow so fast’ and I totally get it now. not that I didn’t before, but I literally see you change before my eyes. just in this past week you’ve filled out more, are starting to make cooing noises…you and I have little conversations 🙂 you’ve have started smiling (on purpose) and can focus way better – it’s crazy. last night, daddy was tickling you and you started to laugh. it made my heart melt.

this picture is the first time I’ve seen myself in you 🙂

up until you were 4 weeks you slept all the time. you would wake up every three hours to eat, but would go right back to sleep. now, you’re more alert so your naps are a little shorter. for a while there you wouldn’t sleep much at all during the day. maybe 30-40 minute naps right before you were supposed to eat again and even then, I had to hold you the whole time or you’d wake right back up. it was so taxing. not only on me but I could see you were so obviously tired and just fought going to sleep so bad. there were plenty of days daddy would come home to me still in my pjs, glasses on, holding you in the same spot on the couch. I was a completely hot mess. our neighbor athena came over one night and sat with me for an hour helping try to get you to go to sleep on your own. after that your naps got a little better and I was able to put you down with less of a screamfest. athena’s offered such great advice and help, she’s truly been a blessing.

but right around six weeks you miraculously slept 7 hours straight one night. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t woken up that night until the middle of your bottle. I had to double check with daddy that he hadn’t gotten up with you without my knowledge, but he hadn’t! since then, you’ve been sleeping about 5-6 hours straight almost every night and I feel like a new woman 🙂 

you’re seven weeks old today and I only have a week and a half left of maternity leave. I really don’t want to leave you but I’m ready to get myself back into a routine. I’m going to miss spending the day with you since it’s so easy to stare at you and hold you all day long. sometimes when I hold you I squeeze you a little tighter and take in everything about that moment together. your size, your smell, the way you lay on my chest. you’re just so gorgeous and perfect! I don’t want to miss a second of you and how little you are right now. as much as it excites me that your growing and changing, it makes me sad too. I’m going to miss these days 🙂

we went to go visit miss hartley last week! you and her are about 3 weeks apart and I hope you grow up to be great friends like me and her mama 🙂

you finally got to wear your first aggie outfit and auntie em was EXCITED! I love this picture of you!

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