eight weeks old

you turned 8 weeks old this past tuesday and I finally got up the nerve to try and let you “cry out” your late night wake up. it was also the first night you slept in your crib in your room, but I knew there was no way I could try it with you in our room. that night I didn’t sleep a wink. literally, not at all. I was so afraid I wouldn’t hear you cry, I completely siked myself out. I tossed and turned all night finally deciding to crack a book around 3:30ish in hopes it would make me sleepy.

you woke up at 4:45 and cried for a bit so I went to you, gave you your pacifier and you went back to sleep. I’m not really sure why I did this if you were supposed to be crying it out, but it was too late to take it back. 15 minutes later you were crying again. I literally sat on the floor at our bedroom door listening to you. I say crying, but not a screaming cry like anything was wrong. I think you’re just in the habit of waking up and expecting a bottle. 30 minutes later, on the dot, you stopped crying. I was so convinced you had suffocated yourself that I had to check on you. naturally, you started crying as soon as I looked at you and I spent the next 10 minutes settling you back down. but once you fell asleep you slept until after 8! 

the next night, you fell asleep around 11 and didn’t wake up until 7. ya-hoo!! the following night we gave you a bottle at 7:30 and you fell asleep in daddy’s arms about 8:30 and we put you done for what we thought would be a nap. you fought it some, but I decided to put you on your tummy to see if it would help you stay asleep and you slept from 9pm – 5am. was it really that easy? one night of crying it out and you’re sleeping 8 hours straight? why didn’t I try this sooner…

unfortunately, you had your 2-month checkup friday and had to get shots. I have never heard you cry like that and I cried right along with you. truly, it was the most awful thing. ever. you were ok until about 5:30 that evening when you began crying, inconsolably, for hours. your poor leg was so sensitive from the shots that any slight movement sent you into hysterics. to make matters worse, you stayed with gigi that night while daddy and I went to dinner and bowling with friends. it made me feel horrible to know that I wasn’t there to console you. gigi assured me there was nothing I could do that she wasn’t trying already, but you’re my child and had I known you would have this reaction, I never would have left you.

yesterday, however, you were a completely different child. back to your happy, curious self! you had a bath and went to sleep around 10pm, woke up about 4am (I think because I put you on your side and not your tummy) but I gave you your paci, put you on your tummy and you slept until 9:30. hallelujah!

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