6 months old

I know, I know. what happened to the last four months of posting?! Trust me, I feel awful about it. but life, and going back to work, and life, just get in the way! I apologize and promise to get better – cross my heart and hope to die. so allow me to catch you up to speed…

3 Months Old
you rolled over! to be honest, you had been doing it for a while but we never caught you in the act. I’d put you to bed at night or we’d be playing on the floor and once I’d turn away or check on you in the morning, you’d be on your tummy! little did we know you wouldn’t want to lay any other way, but more on this later.

around the same time, daddy would come home from work and you were most likely already asleep, or asleep in my arms about to be put down. after a few days of this, daddy decided he wanted to get you up in the morning so he could spend time with you. he still does this, every day, and seeing him get so excited to get you up makes my heart melt. I love to listen to him talking to you over the monitor 🙂

when you turned 4 months you went for another check up and had to get more shots. this round went WAY better than the first time! I know it’s really because you’re one tough chick. 

I also sent out your birth announcements…..finally.

on the back side:

four months old
you absolutely LOVE rolling over! we can hardly get you to stay still long enough to change your diaper or get your clothes on!! you also dressed up as a ghost for your first halloween. I have to be honest, you were the cutest ghost ever! every one said so, so it’s not just me 🙂 you were way more interested in eating the tutu than trick-or-treating, but  we had a great time!

five months old

you’ve started doing this thing with your face where you scrunch it all up and breath quick thru your nose. and oh holy moly, you and your tongue! you stick it out all. tha. time! it’s friggin adorable.

daddy and I have become pros at dressing you and changing your diaper while you’re on your belly. you cannot stand to be on your back! we’ve also discovered you love carrots and sweet potatoes but hate green beans.

six months old
six months?? I cannot believe you are six month old already. if I could give someone a million dollars to stop time, I would sell everything I own to keep you this little for longer. you’re so interactive now! you reach for things all the time and sit up like a champ! even the doc said she’s impressed at how well you balance for only being 6 months old.

you’ve even started pulling your legs underneath you, rocking and pushing yourself up. I know you’ll be crawling in no time! you are infatuated with your musical panda and it love when I sing to you. note-to-self to brush up on my lullabies and kid songs 🙂

I’m saddened we didn’t get a Christmas picture with all three of us, but you weren’t really feeling picture taking that day. but we managed to get a pretty cute one for Christmas cards 🙂

your smile. I die.

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