your first birthday

so, you may already know this about me, or maybe I’m way different and down right embarrassing by the time you read this but… I am typically not the sappy kind. I’m not overly emotional or deal well on the fly with emotional situations. so I honestly didn’t think the day of your birthday would bother me since you’re so little and, let’s be honest, you won’t remember it. turns out, I was a wreck.

seriously, I should have taken the day off work. yes, there were the obligatory my baby isn’t a baby anymore thoughts, but it was more of a holy shit, look how much we crammed into 12 months kinda thing. I mean, you’re eating real food, crawling all over the place and applying for college next week. kidding. but seriously, where has time gone? it makes me realize just how precious each moment is with you because I’m not gonna get them a back. 

now, on to your birthday party! we threw a happy hour kind of shindig because for one, your favorite things are drinking from a bottle, snacks and post playtime nap (yep, you’re my kid) and second, that’s just how we roll. there were sliders, nachos, chicken nuggets, tons of beer and, my fav, pineapple cupcake martinis. yummo! 

I think maybe the attention was little too much to handle.

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