you’re going to be a big sister!

So it’s no secret we’d been trying to get pregnant since our Spain trip last summer. Months and months went by while and I tracked my cycle, watched what I ate and drank, but each month the little stick would only show one pink line. It got to be too much pressure and I was consuming myself with disappointment. Then one day in December I read this blog post based on John 10:10 “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full.” 

It spoke about how Satan’s intent is to steal our joy, in everything we do. A fight with our husband here, frustration with our children there… And it reminded me he is a liar and a thief and will not win. I remember looking at you thinking of how blessed we are to have you and if this is what God intended, I should really count my blessings because many couples aren’t able to have children. So decided to I recognized Satan’s tactics for what they were, put the pressure of getting pregnant out of my brain and focus on you.

Your cousin Susan turned 50 and fabulous! in January so we bundled up and partied with family, had deliciously dangerous cocktails and lots of cake 🙂 I was a already pregnant and didn’t know it.

Daddy and I also went to the Golden Fork Gala a week later. It’s put on by the Houston Restaurant Association and a great excuse to get fancied up and have fabulous food and cocktails. I was 4 weeks pregnant and still had no idea. Doesn’t Daddy look handsome?

I was so tired the next day I thought maybe I drank more than I realized the night before and was just hung over. Bah! By mid-week I realized I was late. It was nothing new since for so many months now it had come late, giving me false hope that this might be the month! I thought, I’ll wait until the end of the week and if I still haven’t started, I’ll take a test. No, I’ll take a test now, see that it’s negative again and put myself out of my misery. So I took the test, left it on the bathroom counter, started the shower, put some clothes away and glanced at it as I was getting in the shower. Surprise! Two pink lines!

I couldn’t sleep. I was trying to think of the best way to tell Daddy and of all the things that came to mind, I couldn’t wait. The next morning, I gave you the stick and told you to go show Daddy, which you did. But you proceeded to take the cap off to which I freaked out and grabbed it so you wouldn’t get pee on you. Which in turn scared you and you burst into tears. Way to ruin the moment, Rachel! 

We were all excited nonetheless! In fact, I was so excited and still in a little disbelief that I went to the store and bought another pack of tests just to be sure. It’s official – you are going to be a big sister!

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