Hurricane Harvey

It’s been a looong couple of weeks since Hurricane Harvey hit our area. After days of being cooped up in the house, distractions like movies and snacks quickly faded and cabin fever seriously set in. So we took advantage anytime there was a break between rain bands to get outside for a few moments. We were extremely blessed to have zero flooding in our home, but so many around us were forced from their homes and lost everything. Since then, we’ve helped family and friends by cleaning out homes, making meals and helping where ever we can.

This past weekend we were helping at my aunt’s home, which had about a foot of water come in, and a man showed up with his two sons. He didn’t know my family, had never met them before and didn’t live anywhere near them. Yet, they jumped right in and started ripping sheetrock, bagging debris and chatting like we had all been friends for years. And, side note, I have two kids and cleaned countless amounts of poop and vomit, but the smell of sewer water that has seeped into everything and sat for days is enough to make you run for the hills. But anyhoo… We’ve heard stories like this all over the Houston and surrounding areas. People came from all over Texas and other states with boats to help people out of their homes or start tearing out the destruction once the water receded. This is what caring for one another is all about and it’s been amazing to see people come together.

Some things I learned that I hope will help you…

Bleach only kills mold on the surface of porous surfaces – wood, sheetrock, etc. It does not penetrate down to the root and mold can grow back. And while it may kill surface mold, it also leaves behind the mold spores (allergens).

In order to penetrate thru, first, spray with vinegar. Yep, vinegar. It kills mold without harsh chemicals and toxins and penetrates all the way through porous surfaces.

Thieves oil blend is not only good for immune support (see mention of standing sewer water above) but it also kills and INGESTS mold. This means zero spores left behind to become allergens. Say what??

I’ve ordered lots of our favorite all-natural cleaner (Thieves Household Cleaner) and essential oils to gift to family and friends. It’s perfect for scrubbing those wall studs to ensure all the mold is gone without toxins that can do more damage later. One 14oz bottle of the concentrate typically lasts me about 2-3 months and it’s the only cleaner we use for everything in our house. If you’re interested in reading more about how Thieves cleaner and oils can naturally kill mold, I highly suggest starting here and here. And, if you want to get really geeky like I did, check out this report and case studies by The Baxter Group. Mind blowing stuff in there! More on how to become a Young Living member and to order is here.

Our hearts and prayers are with those on the east coast as they prepare for Hurricane Irma. XO


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