The Witching Hour

Oh, the witching hour. I never even knew what that was until our youngest was born. He would scream and cry at the top of his lungs from about 4pm until 10pm every single day. It was brutal. I read all the books and tried all the tricks, but nothing worked. He eventually grew out of it and somehow I still have all my hair. Our daughter did something similar but on a MUCH smaller scale. I called her routinely cranky spell the 5 o’clock Fillman Fit – because it was clearly something from her daddy’s side ūüėČ She grew out of that too but then when I was pregnant with #2, she decided she didn’t want to go to sleep at all. She would be exhausted and so so sleepy but fight it like crazy. And it didn’t get any better once her brother came along. I was totally hormonal because…newborn, I wasn’t sleeping because…newborn, said newborn was completely colic and not sleeping, she was constantly up and down at night and did I mention we were also moving at that time? Into a 600 square foot space?¬†All aboard the crazy train!¬†

Enter, essential oils…

Once I started diffusing lavender + cedarwood in the kid’s room, there were less and less trips in and out of bed and I was hooked.¬†Now that they’re both a little older, we still have the witching hour and I still have a toddler stuck to me as I cook dinner,¬†you know what I mean, mommas!¬†But now, I start the wind-down routine with oils as soon as possible and our evenings go much smoother.

We always have something fun in the diffuser when the¬†kids get home from school. There’s been crazy amazing weather here the past few days so all the fall blends are on rotation.¬†More on those coming soon!¬†At dinner, I may diffuse some lavender with stress away or roll peace and calming¬†behind everyone’s ears to get the chill vibes going. I use the YL’s new Seedlings baby wash at bathtime. If you haven’t experienced something from the Seedlings line, you must! It smells absolutely heavenly and I want to slather myself in it. Best of all, I know there are no nasty chemicals or toxins going on by little babes. Then at bedtime, everyone gets lavender or gentle baby rolled on the bottoms of their feet and we load the diffuser in the kid’s bedroom before we snuggle in for a story and lights out. Here are some of our favorite linen sprays & sleepy diffuser blends:

Linen Spray // 2oz spray bottle: 15 drops lavender + 8 drops cedarwood + distilled water – spritz on all jammies, stuffed animals and blankets. Recently, I added a few drops of orange to this spray as well. Orange is becoming one of my favorite¬†oils to put in just about everything. It can be uplifting but totally grounding and focusing at the same time. Plus, it’s under $11 for the 15ml bottle, score!

Bedtime Diffuser Blends // 3 lavender + 2 cedarwood + 2 peace & calming // 3 lavender + 3 gentle baby // 3 cedarwood + 2 lavender + 2 valor

Do you have a favorite bedtime or wind-down essential oil combo? XO

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