Our Little Man is TWO!

As much as I love this playful age, sometimes I look at him and think, how can this be? How are you two when I swear you were just born?! But when the weather gets cooler, I’m always transported right back to those days. Days when every thing was a circus.

We had just built a workshop on our property and my husband was working around the clock to finish the little apartment inside it so we could move out of his brother’s house. Backstory, we sold our home and not yet found the property where we are now. Hence, living at the in-law’s. We had a horribly colic newborn boy and a toddler who decided she didn’t need to got to bed at night, more on that here. My hormones were off the charts, sleep was nonexistent and with my husband bouncing between work and our new build, I was a disaster. I often wonder how different it would have been had I had oils in my life then. Would he have slept better? Would I have handled it better? Probably.

But, it’s funny how I miss those days – circus and all. They all said I would miss it and at the time I thought, please don’t say that to me right now. Because right now, I would gladly forget all of this for a solid night’s sleep and one hour of not crying. But I do.

Now he’s two and alllll boy. He’ll do something he’s not supposed to and then turn right around and give the biggest hug. He’s constantly talking and making us laugh. He’s so loving and helpful and has a smile that will light up any room.

Brother Snapshot // Age: 2 // Height: 33″ // Weight: 28 lbs // Favorite Things: snacks, jumping, climbing, throwing things…all things, balls, playing outside, pointing out every bus or big truck or jeep he sees, and asking, ‘What’s that?’ and then replying, ‘Oh. What’s that?’

The days are long but the years are short. Make the most of each day friends! Even the ones you wish you could forget right now. XO

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