Top 8 Ways We Use Essential Oils

I thought I’d share the top 8 ways we use oils in our home. I started using essential oils to help Elliet sleep, but quickly realized that was just the tip of the iceberg. We absolutely love our oils and hope this helps guide you on how to use them as well.


1. For better sleep. Again, the reason I purchased oils in the first place. Our oldest had the hardest time falling asleep, our newborn was insanely colic and I was, in turn, a flaming hot mess. I diffused lavender and cedarwood in the kid’s room and, for the first time since the baby was born, our daughter fell right to sleep and stayed in her bed all night! There are several bedtime oils we use on rotation and I honestly don’t know where we’d be without them.

2. To stay well. If you have kids in school, daycare, etc. you know how important it is to keep the crud from making the round in your house. We use oils daily for immune support and have drastically fewer trips to the doctor. And all the mamas said, Amen!

3. For chemical-free cleaning. I use Thieves Cleaner for all the things. I use it to wipe down counters, mirrors, highchairs, play trays, toys, etc. and have no reservations if snacks get eaten right off a cleaned surface. But I love that we can incorporate oils in tons of ways, like using oils + baking soda for a homemade soft scrub on pans and surfaces, or with other natural products like castile soap for an effective dish soap or detergent. PS – Lemon oil is perfect for getting the goop off anything. The best part is knowing it’s 100% natural, 100% safe for my kiddos and 100% effective.

4. To make our house smell great. I admit I was a plug-in junkie. You could absolutely find me taking advantage of the sales at my favorite bath & body store. But did you know burning a candle or using a plug-in for just one hour is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes because of all the synthetic fragrances and chemicals inside? Instead, we diffuse oils for an amazing smelling home and also breathe in the health benefits. Our favorites are Peppermint + Orange to get the energy going and Stress Away + Lavender during the evenings to help everyone wind down.

5. For glowing skin. I really hate to accept the fact that I’m getting wrinkles. Like I was pretty much in denial for a while, and then panicked, and turned to just about any cream and serum I could find that promised younger looking skin. Now, I use a few drops of jojoba oil and Frankincense as a facial moisturizer which is not only chemical free and fully supports healthy skin but is also super grounding and great for decompressing right before you go to sleep. I also love lavender, copaiba or tea tree for occasional blemishes and in combination with shea butter and coconut oil for an overall body moisturizer. Plus, Young Living also now offers chemical-free make up! The foundation is super light on my skin (I’m a Warm 2) and doesn’t settle into my fine lines. I’m loving learning all sorts of tips and hacks to using it, like chemical free self-tanner. What?! More on the entire Savvy make up line here.

6. To support our emotions and moods. When you inhale essential oils, the teeny molecules go directly into the limbic system of the brain which controls your emotions. This can either calm, relax or energize your body. It’s science. Just Google essential oils and emotions. In turn, this can affect the way your body reacts to stress, your blood pressure, breathing and more. It’s no secret Lavender is known for its calming properties. One of my favorite combos is Orange (uplifts mood) + Peppermint (enhanced alertness & memory), I love to diffuse them first thing in the morning or in the afternoon to help me push through that witching hour.

7. For flavor. Young Living has an entire line of vitality oils which are perfect for flavoring drinks and dishes. I love love love putting a drop of peppermint in my coffee or adding a drop of oregano or basil to our spaghetti. Citrus oils like lemon, lime or orange are perfect for flavoring your water. They aid in digestion and detox without the acidity which can upset your tummy or damage teeth because the oils are cold pressed from the rind.

8. To make all kinds of oily goodness. I love trying new DIYs with my oils! We love our homemade hair detangler, bug spray, after-sun soothing skin spray, face wash, dish soap, and more! Whatever arises, I’m always looking up how we make an oily solution. And friends rarely leave our house without an oily gift or two!



I hope this helps if you were on the fence about how to incorporate oils into daily life. You can learn more about how to get started using essential oils here, grab your starter kit, or follow along on Instagram for more oily tips and DIYs.

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