Snow Much to Do!

This post was going to be about what we have planned this Christmas season but first, it snowed on Friday! I mean, it was 80 degrees on Monday, snowing on Friday, and it. was. awesome! The school sent automated calls saying classes were delayed a couple of hours and, in all honesty, we were most definitely still in bed. A morning person I am not, but we immediately popped up to look out the window. It was pure joy to wake the kids up and see the excitement on their faces at their first look at real snow. We had a snowball fight and made a little snowman before heading back in for hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls.

So back to the fun activities we have in the works before Christmas arrives. I swear, Christmas time gets more and more fun as our kids get older and we get to see their excitement for the season!

  1. Look at Christmas lights. Our best friends are coming in town for Christmas and we’re coming out of our seats excited to get to spend a few days with them in Galveston. So instead of driving around to look at lights, we’re opting for Moody Gardens Festival of Lights, which never disappoints, and the kids love to spot their favorite display. They also setup Iceland Express which is an entire playland made of ice! It’s incredible and I highly recommend it if you’ve never been to one. But a word of advice, dress warm even if it’s 80 degrees outside because it’s 7 degrees inside. Seven. You are provided a heavy parka but it’s still freaking cold.
  2. Make Christmas cookies. A tradition my mother-in-law started with our oldest and I’m so glad she did. Most of them get eaten before Christmas but we love to deliver cookies to friends and neighbors. My other bestie is a phenomenal baker and gave me the most delicious sugar cookie recipe I’ll share soon!
  3. Hand make lots of gifts. With this being the first Christmas we’re on one income, I’ve been extra cautious of our spending and opted for lots of handmade, and oil infused, gifts. I’m looking forward to trying this lotion recipe and how funny would these #2 sprays be for the guys?!
  4. Play in the woods. One of our favorite places and we’re squeezing in one more trip before the year’s over. Bonus: the Polar Express train is a quick drive from the property and we’re surprising the kids with tickets. Shh!!
  5. Make a fort by the Christmas tree. We let our oldest bring down her tent on special occasions (because we’re living in pretty tight quarters until we build a house) to watch movies. Both of the kids love to fill it with their pillows, blankets and snacks to watch movies. Which brings me to…
  6. Watch Christmas Movies. Some of our favorite that are always on rotation: Elf, The Polar Express, The Grinch and, of course, Christmas Vacation. Shitter’s full!
  7. See snow. I’m still so flipping excited that happened.

What’s on your Christmas bucket list? Merry Christmas!

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