Happy 9 Years!

Oh these two. So young. So full of possibility. So unaware of the crazy ride that awaited them. It’s hard to believe we thought we had it all figured out back then.

our wedding day_bw

Really, that day feels like a blur. Doesn’t every bride feel that way? You plan and plan all for it to wiz by in like two seconds. I remember crying at the very end because it was over. I’m sure all the champagne had nothing to do with that.


So, fun fact — that black & white image is the only photo I have hanging in my house. Don’t get me wrong, the professional photos are amazing and I love to bust out the photo album and reminisce. But that one was a completely random shot my boss took as he was standing at the very end of the aisle. I love that he snapped that moment for us and how undeniably happy we both look.


But two kids, two dogs, three houses and eight thousand loads of laundry later…here we are! We’ve had our fare share of tiffs, eye rolls and I’m sorry’s. But I would do it all over a thousand times, Andy Fillman. Cheers to us and the life we started nine years ago!

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