The big move.

Welp, we bought a house in New Braunfels. That’s a phrase I never thought I’d say. Well, let me rephrase… I never thought we’d buy a house in New Braunfels right now. We always said ‘one day’ we would live in the hill country. One day… One day… But I guess that one day is now! And really, it all happened pretty fast.

We had been looking in the area whenever we came to visit my parents or family, trying to decide which side of town we liked or didn’t like. But the weekend before July 4th, we were staying at my mom’s and Andy suggested we look at a house before we head home. I honestly didn’t care to. We had looked at this house online earlier in the year but the asking price was way more than our budget so I didn’t want to fall in love with something we weren’t willing to pay for. But they had come down on the price by July. Like came down a ton, and were very ready to sell so we thought maybe we could use it as a rental property or something. Who knows. But he felt it was worth taking a look at in person so we went.

Well, we both loved it. I could definitely see our family in it, the kids playing in the backyard, the old charm… We put in an offer that day and it was accepted.

Like, wait…what?

I burst into tears. I think the shock of thinking we’d actually have a house, with a dining table, and a laundry room, and my own room with a door on it… It was just too much and it rolled out of my eyeballs.

Luckily, Andy has family already in New Braunfels who graciously let us stay with them as we made the big renovations. I’ve been trying to keep up with the progress on my Instagram page and have more photos & stories there. This town is so cool and we’re loving the new adventure!

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