About Me

Hey y’all! I’m Rachel Fillman, married to Andy, and we have two beautiful children who keep us on our toes. We live on the Trinity Bay, just east of Houston, and can most often be found on the beach or playing in the woods.

Andy and I actually met as kids. Our best friends dated since junior high and married right after high school, but Andy and I didn’t officially date until our early 20s. They say friendships make the best relationships and we are no exception. We married in 2009 and had our daughter, Elliet, almost exactly three years later. We tried for a second baby about two years later, but God had other plans and our son Colton arrived in October of 2015.

The day after he was born, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she is 100% cancer free, but the experience opened our eyes to all the toxins and harmful chemicals in our everyday products. We’ve slowly been ditching and switching to natural alternatives ever since. Spoiler Alert: not all products in our home are organic or necessarily all natural. It’s a slow process but we’re working on it every day and have started helping others do the same.

So I started this blog and Instagram page to share our crazy lives and chemical free journey in hopes it will empower you to make informed decisions for you and your family. I’m so glad you’re here and hope you enjoy following along!


A quick disclosure: All opinions are my own & based on personal experiences and I highly suggest you use essential oils with caution and always do your own research to make the best decisions for you and your family. None of the recipes or any information provided at thefillmanfour.wordpress.com are meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent disease. Products are ONLY endorsed if they are truly things we love, would buy or that fit within our style. Images & content are copyrighted by The Fillman Four. Please do not use our images without permission.