Premium Starter Kit

They don’t call it the Premium STARTer kit for nothing! Young Living upgraded the kit to include TWELVE of the most frequently ordered oils and ensure you have exactly what you need to get started right out of the box. Let’s break it down, shall we?


+ A diffuser of your choice. Our favorites are the dewdrop and desert mist, either one is included in the $165 kit ($410+ value). We use it to make our house smell amazing and put oils in the air that can dramatically affect our mood or help us drift off to sleep.

+ Thieves. It boosts our immune system, keeps our gut happy and is the base for Young Living’s line of chemical-free cleaning products.

+ Citrus Fresh. Purifies the air and eliminates odors. Think laundry, trash, pets, in the kitchen, in shoes and all things boy.

+ PanAway. Perfect for sore muscles and joints, head tension and so much more. We keep a jar of PanAway mixed with coconut oil in the fridge for a cooling relief. It’s my husband’s favorite and the oil that made him a believer, it’s a funny story.

+ Frankincense. Keeps me grounded and oh so fabulous for healthy, glowing skin. I mean, if wise men made sure to bring it to baby Jesus, you bet I’m using it daily!

+ DiGize. For unhappy tummies and ensuring everything moves in the right direction. 😉

+ Raven. So invigorating and the powerhouse in my chest rub. Also great for applying before exercise.

+ Lavender. The “swiss army knife of essential oils.” See also: the first oil I ran out of and pretty much panicked. It helps us thru the seasonal changes, aids in a dreamy night’s sleep, good for all things skin, and so so so much more!

+ Lemon. Uplifts our mood, detoxifies our bodies and gets the goo off anything. Also perfect for cleaning!

+ Peppermint. Also helps us handle seasonal changes, supports our respiratory and digestive systems, also aids in tension relief and is a great way to cool down in the summer. You will also always find a drop in my coffee!

+ Valor. The brave oil. The…I don’t want to give this presentation, afraid to fly, afraid to make new friends, need all the witching hour patience…oil that we’re obsessed with. If you’re a mama or have emotions or breathe air, you need Valor.

+ Peace & Calming. Another staple in the mama arsenal. When the kids are fed, had naps and clean booties but are still cranky, we bust out the Peace & Calming. I love to diffuse this one during playtime or when we’re winding down for the evening to set the calm vibes.

+ Stress Away. Does exactly what it says. I roll it on our wrists and behind the ears whenever we need. Especially before a trip to the grocery store, or any public place with kids in tow.

+ NingXia Red Sachets. I cannot say enough good things about Ningxia Red and the effect it’s had on us. Here’s a whole site dedicated to Ningxia goodness. Be sure to pop them in the fridge as soon as your kit arrives!

+ Thieves Spray. Literally the ONLY cleaner I use for every surface of our home. Super powerful, plant-based and completely toxin-free.

+ Thieves Hand Purifier. This little gem is infused with Thieves and peppermint oil and free from harsh chemicals found in most hand sanitizers. We keep them in backpacks, beach bags, cars, purses and pockets for a quick clean!

+ Sample Size Bottles. Perfect for your purse or diaper bag or gifting oils to friends.

+ Learning Material. YL’s product guide, magazine and more from me to empower you to use your oils!

+ Community. Including some fun and supportive Facebook groups where you can continue your oil education, ask questions and more!

Do you have to start with an essential oil kit? Nope! Young Living has expanded their starter kits to include a Savvy Minerals Makeup Starter Kit, all-natural Thieves Cleaning Kit or a Ningxia Red starter kit. The choice is yours and there is no time like the present! I promise you will never regret supporting your body’s abilities and ditching toxic chemicals!